Health Linked


Health Linked raise your awareness on family and friends that are unwell. It gives unwell people the chance to tell friends and family about their health status and how it changes over time. Your health data is securely shared only with people who you are connected with.

Health Linked is born during these unprecedented days of quarantine, where far away family members and closest friends are out of the physical reach. We looked within ourselves and thought how we could use the technology to cope-up two major factor of human beings: our health and social aspects. We understood even more how important is to take care of somebody we care, no matter what the distance is.

When health becomes a daily priority for ourselves and the closest people that surrounds us, we're helping people taking care of it, without making it public - since health is personal and intimate.

Health Linked is led by Cristian and Jacopo, which consists of a blend of software engineering and experience and product design.

We haven’t got investors yet as we’ve started everything by ourselves, but if you would like to make your contribution to the project, we’ll be glad to receive anything that helps.